It's All About Your Safety

When it comes to fire protection systems, you can’t afford to be wrong. Don’t cut corners or compromise! Choose Craig Fire Protection to protect your home or your buildings – and your safety!

What We Do

When fire protection systems were first introduced they were expensive and obtrusive. Industry advances, however, have dramatically lowered the cost as well as raised the aesthetic appeal of sprinklers. They are now available in many different finishes and concealment options. Add to this their proven track record and the choice is clear. A fire protection system is a cost-effective means of protecting both lives and property.


We only use leading fire protection manufacturers so you can have confidence in the systems we install.

Craig Fire Protection, Inc. deserves serious consideration as your choice fire protection contractor for many reasons.

Excellent Service

We work closely with engineers, insurance companies, and local authorities to get your systems designed, approved and installed in a timely manner. We are dedicated to providing you with an excellent product at a competitive price.


We have been installing automatic fire protection systems since 1998. We take advantage of continuing education and endeavor to keep up-to-date on the latest in industry standards and fire protection codes.

Client Satisfaction

Our clients are willing to go on the record about the professionalism and expertise that we bring to each project.


Fire sprinkler systems are on the job 24/7. They are a proven way to smother fires and to provide building occupants with the time they need to evacuate.